Vasili Vroulis

illustrator & character designer

Hello my name is Vasili Vroulis, but people call me Billy for short. I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and my family was born in Greece. After I am done with college, I want to work for your TV/Media Company to write and be a graphic designer in films and TV shows. I am at Vanier College and I am studying Micro-publishing and Hypermedia which is media arts on the computer. My program is a three year career program, which means that when I finish school and complete and pass all my classes. I will get a full time job and won't have to go to university. My interests and hobbies I like to do are relaxing and drawing at home in Canada. I have lots of good ideas when I go to a media company in Canada, whether CBC and Ubisoft. I like to show everyone that I am good at drawing and sometimes draw pictures of my friends and family. During my years of childhood, I always love to draw and come up with great ideas in mind. I even write children books in case I ever thought of publishing them. I love to travel instead of staying at the same place for so many years and want to see the world. Sometimes I travel to Europe and the USA to see other states like California and Orlando. Even though I was born in Canada. I get my education from English schools instead of French schools. Nothing happens that much in Canada because all I do is work in Montreal and study a lot. I even applied theater classes for two years. One year at high school from 2012-2013 and the other from Vanier College in 2014. I even studied film at college called "Intro to film," which could help me understand how a film is made with directing, cinematography, film editing, sound editing, and the art of animation and how documentaries are made. I took that class for only one year (2015) and did well in the class. Also, when I was a kid in high school, I took a film camp at McGill and me and my friends (Devon, Alex, Christopher) made our own student films such as "Stay Tuned" (film about kids being addicted to technologies) and a documentary about skateboarding called Skate it.