Dôbutsu no Kuni a eu beaucoup de succès au U.S.A.. Si bien que l'éditeur américain Kodansha Comics a repris la série en adaptant le nom en anglais, ce qui donne Animal Land. Cette page est surtout destinée aux américains enfait, mais patientez je suis sûr que la série sera reprise en France !

Resuma :

Orphaned after her parents were killed by Lynxes, Monoko is the only tanuki (raccoon dog) in her village without a family, until she finds a human baby in a river. In Animal Land, a world inhabited solely by animals, this human child is a mystery. This baby is Monoko's only chance at having a family and she is determined to raise the human child as her own. Animal Land is a quirky story about Monoko and the mysterious human baby.

Volume 01 :

  In a world of animals where the strong eat the weak, Monoko the tanuki stumbles across a strange creature the likes of which has never been seen before– a human baby! While the newborn has no claws or teeth to protect itself, it does have the rare ability to speak to and understand all the different animals. Can Monoko and the baby team up to protect the tanuki pack from vicious wildcats ?

Sortie au U.S.A. : 16 août 2011
Volume 02 :

  Taroza has made friends with the tanuki village and the eccentric wildcat Kurokagi, but there are plenty more predators in the animal world looking for a squishy pink snack! When winter comes and foot is scarce, a pack of wolves approaches the tanukis. How can Taroza convince them not to feed on the helpless animals? Does his ability to communicate with all creatures really spell doom for Animal Land?

Sortie au U.S.A. : 18 octobre 2011
Volume 03 :

  After seven years, Taroza is now a growing boy leading an entire village of animals, cultivating and harvesting all manner of fruits and vegetables. But this ragtag group of herbivores looks like easy pickings to an invating pride of lion! Can Taroza guide his friends to safety through careful planning? And... is that a human girl leading those lions ?
This volume of Animal Land includes special extras after the story!

Sortie au U.S.A. : 20 décembre 2011
Volume 04 :

  Capri and Taroza reach an uneasy peace after the village of animals rebuffs the lions' assault, but when nomadic lions threaten to take over Capri's pride, she must turn to Taroza for help! Meanwhile, the village is about to get the shock of a lifetime when a third human being shows up with a dangerous philosophy ...

Sortie au U.S.A. : 20 mars 2012
Volume 05 :

  Taroza's quest to help all species of animal get along without bloodshed takes him to a variety of fantastic new locales: the great blue ocean, subterranean human ruins, and a veritable Garden of Eden. Along the way, he learns some shocking truths about humankind...and about his own powers. Also included: a special epilogue of Makoto Raiku's previous hit series, Zatch Bell!

Sortie au U.S.A. : 03 juillet 2012
Volume 06 :

  Jyu, the third human being in Animal Land, brings dangerous ideas and even-more-dangerous fire. After the village and fields are burned down, Taroza and his friends must start all over again. A trip to see the mysterious "ocean" sounds like just the thing to restore Taroza's spirits, but a meeting with a pack of hyenas will teach him a lesson about finding one's own place in the world …

Sortie au U.S.A. : 13 novembre 2012
Volume 07 :

  Taroza and Riemu are in trouble when Giller and his terrifying chimeras attack! But the only way to survive is to hand over valuable information... Meanwhile, a notebook written by a long-lost mysterious figure named Quo holds tantalizing secrets about the role of the five humans left in Animal Land. Can Taroza fulfill Quo's final wish? More importantly, does he want to?

Sortie au U.S.A. : 16 avril 2013
Volume 08 :


Sortie au U.S.A. : 01 octobre 2013

Maison d'édition : Kodansha Comics.
Prix pour chaque Tome: 11 $ (9 euros).
Format de chaque Tome: 5 x 0.7 x 7.5 inches.
Nombre de pages : une double-centaine.
Nombre de pages par chapitre : une cinquantaine.
Sources : Amazon.com

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